Classic Trailer : Last Hurrah For Chivalry


Director John Woo is best known for his gunplay gangster epics such as A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled and The Killer but before that he made a few traditional martial arts movies and this is one of the best, the swordplay classic Last Hurrah For Chivalry.

This time the guns are replaced with swords but the trademark Woo themes of heroism and honour are much in evidence as the newly married swordsman Kao seeks revenge on the evil Pai for wiping out his family on his wedding night. Alone he cannot beat him so enlists the help of Chang and Green to exact justice upon Pai, but is there a twist in the tale?

A stellar cast which includes Damian Lau, Lee Hoi-San, Fung Hak-On and Wei Pei, the film has great choreography and cinematography and makes this a must see for fans of the director or the swordplay genre. The films is available on DVD in both region 1 and 2 but is now out of print. Trailer below.

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