Flash Point : Hong Kong Blu Ray Review

Donnie Yen seems to be the busiest actor on the planet at the moment with many project currently filming or awaiting release. Flash Point saw Donnie team up again with director Wilson Yip after the success of the fantastic SPL.

The story this time out involves a trio of Vietnamese gangsters running a smuggling operation out of Hong Kong. Inspector Ma’s (Yen) partner Wilson (Louis Koo) has gone undercover in the gang, but eventually gets discovered and gets badly injured in the line of duty. When all of the other potential witnesses are bumped off, Ma must protect Wilson and his girlfriend from the gang, which ends in a all out gun fight with the gang members and a brutal fight to the death with the gang leader.

Fans maybe impatient with this film as the action is sparse until the last half hour which is well worth waiting for.

Donnie Yen uses lots of MMA fighting techniques, down and dirty, in this film and it gives the action a fresh and realistic touch. Overall a great action / thriller, not as good as SPL, but any fan of HK style action or Donnie Yen need no excuse not to have this in there collection.

The Blu ray release from Hong Kong is region free and has a crystal 1080p transfer which is what you would hope for in a film this recent. No Digital noise reduction was noticed and i would call this definitely reference quality.

The sound has a of choice of Cantonese , PCM 7.1,DTS HD MA 7.1 and Dolby Digital EX 6.1. all are extremely active especially during the action sequences.Overall a great disc and if your HD capable a disc to have in your collection.


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