Gallants : UK DVD Review

Gallants shocked everyone at the 2011 HK Film awards by coming away with the prize for best film, beating out stiff competition such as Tsui Hark’s impressive Detective Dee. It also won Best Supporting Actor (Teddy Robin), Best Supporting Actress (Susan Shaw) and Best Original Film Score.

The film now reaches the UK, thanks to distributor MVM.

Harking back to the good old days of Kung Fu Cinema, Gallants centres around master Law, who has been in a coma for many years, but is still looked after by his two loyal pupils, Dragon and Tiger. Meanwhile geeky office worker Cheung (You-Nam Wong) is sent to a remote village to negotiate property rights for his real estate company.

These characters cross paths which results in the master awakening from his deep sleep and to his anger discovers the kung fu school is now a tea shop. He thinks Cheung is both Dragon and Tiger and with there help sets about training him for an upcoming Martial Arts tournament. But things take an unexpected turn and they must fight for the honour of the school above all else.

It is great seeing the fantastic old school martial arts actors strutting there stuff yet again, Chen Kuan Tai as Dragon is good and shows some great technique, Bruce Liang as Tiger is amazing, his kicking skills are still fantastic and he definitely steals the show as far as the action goes. Look out too for Shaw Brothers star Lo Meng (here billed as Turbo Law!) and Chen Wai Man in a non-fighting role.


Teddy Robin is hilarious as Master Law, coming out of his coma as if only a few days have passed, slapping his students about and still chasing the ladies!

The choreography is refreshing in that it is totally ground based and very well done, full marks to action designer Yuen Tak.The music is also very old school, together with the opening montage it gives a real 70’s feel (just look at the poster) but done with tongue firmly in cheek. Overall a fun way to spend 90 minutes and watching the old guys show that they have still got it!


The dvd from MVM is very good, a solid anamorphic widescreen picture and decent 5.1 sound in original Cantonese with easy to follow English subtitles. Its sadly a very bare bones disc with just a trailer as an extra. Also it is DVD only no Blu ray, so fans wanting this in HD will still have to wait.

Gallants dvd is Pal format, Region 2.


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