House Of Traps : Review

Made in 1982 House Of Traps is one of the last Chang Cheh directed “Venoms” films made for the Shaw studio. The plot is about the quest to recover some valuable jade antiques and a list that names a series of rebels. The items have been hidden in the eponymous “House of Traps”, a booby trap-laden pagoda from which no one has ever escaped alive. The House is home to many deadly traps, including a spiked floor, stairs that dismember trespassers, and plenty of arrow-shooting, sword-wielding minions whose sole job is to fend off invaders. After many plot twists and turns its up to the heroes of the piece to get back the valuable items and hope they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

This is a major disappointment from Chang Cheh, the plot is over complicated, talky and there is less action than expected. When the fight do occur they are superbly choreographed, especially the weapons duels, but they are short and by the time the final battle happens you really dont care what happens to the under written and frankly boring characters.

Kwok Choy and Chin Siu Ho stand out but one major disappointment is that Sun Chien does not have a fight scene in the film, so the viewer is denied his usual impressive kicking ability.

There are two dvd releases available, the Hong Kong Region 3 disc and the Region 1 which also includes the English dubbed version for those that like that sort of thing.

For Venoms completists only.

4.5 out of 10

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