King Hu’s Legend of the Mountain 4K Restoration Release

Director King Hu has had two great recent Blu ray releases from Eureka in the UK, A Touch of Zen and Dragon Gate Inn, now his 3 hour directors cut of Legend of the Mountain has had a 4K restoration and is to get a limited cinema and then Blu ray release in 2018. Eureka Entertainment have announced that they have collaborated with US distributor, Kino Lorber, to acquire all rights for UK, Ireland and North America, from the Taiwan Film Institute for the film.

Legend of the Mountain stars Sylvia Chang, Hsu Feng, Tien Feng , Ng Ming Tsui, Tung Lam and Shih Chun. In the story, Ho is a scholar in Sung Dynasty (11th century) China. He has been given the task of making a finished copy of a religious text. It is a tantric sutra, and he is warned that evil spirits will attempt to steal the finished copy from him. One day, he encounters Lady Chuan and his lively daughter Cloud, and has a delightful love affair. In the end, he is appalled to discover that he has been consorting with ghosts.

More release news as we get it.



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