Kung Fu Man Trailer

Kung Fu Man (aka Kung Fu Hero) is an English / Chinese-language family action film directed by Ning Ying & Yuen Cheung Yan and produced by Keanu Reeves.
In the film, Tiger Chen plays a Chinese “Kung Fu man” who protects a young boy from his kidnappers. Release date is July 19th. Tiger Chen is also soon to be seen in the bigger budgeted Man Of Tai Chi.  

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  1. Food for thought the bad guy Hamma in the film Kung Fu Man was the Action Fight Stunt Double for Morpheus in The Matrix and Reloaded. He also left the stunt world and went on to star in indie action films and now is about to do his breakout Film in ‘Killer of Killers’ an epic Assassin Film. He’s one to look out for.

    Just a heads up.

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