Kung Fu Trailers of Fury on DVD & Blu Ray


Severin Films are to release a remastered compilation of trailers transferred in 2k from a collection of recently unearthed 35mm reels onto Blu Ray and DVD entitled Kung Fu Trailers of Fury. Lots of variety from Sammo Hung classic Enter The Fat Dragon, Jackie Chan in Shaolin Wooden Men and the Shaw classic Two Champions of Shaolin.  Some good extra feature including:

  • A Brief History of Kung Fu Cinema: A featurette with experts Ric Meyers and Frank Djeng (former Product Marketing Manager of the now defunct Tai Seng Entertainment company)
  • Audio Commentary with experts Ric Meyers (Films of Fury), Michael Worth (author of the upcoming book, The Bruceploitation Bible), martial arts Instructor Greg Schiller and Rick Stelow of Drunken Master Video
  • The Way of the Cube: A featurette on the discovery of the original 35mm trailers underneath the stage of a maverick UK cinema.
  • Released February 23rd (USA)


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