New 4K Remastered A Better Tomorrow Hong Kong Blu Ray

a better tomorrow 4k blu ray

John Woo’s classic gangster film A Better Tomorrow had a new 4K remaster last year from company L’Immagine Ritrovata who also recently did the same for King Hu’s classic films A Touch of Zen and Dragon Inn.

The remaster was shown at a screening in Hong Kong recently and the director himself after seeing it said he was amazed at the results. Well Kam & Ronson in Hong Kong have announced a Blu ray release of this new version on July 8th.

Great news for fans of the film, the only concern is it says 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio for the sound and no mention of original mono, hopefully it will have this as well or if not that another country may release an English friendly version with that option. No word on any extras and it will be locked to Region A.


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