New Releases From Eureka

Eureka Entertainment have announced two new titles for release next year in the UK.

Released in March is Legend of the Mountain, the beautifully restored directors’ cut of a King Hu masterpiece. Adapted from a Song Dynasty folk tale, Legend of the Mountain exemplifies King Hu’s masterful command of spectacular visuals and philosophical insights into life and existence. Heavily edited upon release, the film has now been fully restored to its original length in stunning 4K, and The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present the film for the first time ever on home video in the UK, in a special Dual Format edition from 19 March 2018.

Also released the same month Re:Born, a breath-taking, no-frills martial arts film featuring fast, furious and expertly choreographed fight sequences and starring Tak Sakaguchi, will be released for the first time on Blu-ray in the UK in a Dual Format edition on 12 March 2018. Utilising an unorthodox form of close-quarters combat (referred to by the director and lead actor as “Zero Range Combat”) Re:Born features some of the most stunningly choreographed martial-arts fight sequences in recent years.

News of any extras and reviews nearer release time. Trailers for both are below.

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