No Retreat No Surrender USA Blu Ray Release


Kino Lorber in the USA have announced the Blu ray release of the cult 1986 martial arts action movie No Retreat No Surrender which was the film debut of Jean Claude Van Damme.

A really popular release on VHS back in the day the film had some superb action set pieces which made up for the ludicrous story and at times terrible acting. Starring Kurt McKenney and co-starring the late Kim Tai Chung as Bruce Lee the film was released in two different versions one for the international release (with extra scenes and alternate music) and one for the USA (alternate opening sequence and soundtrack). Thankfully this new blu ray will have both versions. There has been an Australian and German release on Blu ray but that was just the international cut of the film. Director Corey Yuen went on later to action direct a number of bigger Hollywood productions such as Lethal Weapon 4 and Kiss of the Dragon.

Extras are not yet known fully but will include an interview with Kurt McKenney. No specific release date yet or if it will be region locked.

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