Railroad Tigers : UK Release on DVD & Blu Ray

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment have announced the release of the latest Jackie Chan action epic Railroad Tigers.

Here Chan stars as a freedom-fighting railroad worker in 1941 China, leading a rag-tag group of fighters against the invading Japanese. Pack. Police Story: Lockdown director Ding Sheng, making his third film with Chan, knows how to get the best out of the veteran star, who performs death-defying stunts aboard a moving train, fends of a tank and dodges a flying motorbike (not to mention hundreds of bullets).

RAILROAD TIGERS also sees Chan passing the baton onto the next generation of onscreen action heroes, in the form of his son Jaycee, who stars alongside him and showcasing the talents of rising martial arts star Zitao Huang. RAILROAD TIGERS is laughs, lunacy and nonstop thrills as soon as it pulls out of the station.

Release on DVD and Blu ray May 8th. Review soon.

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