Sammo Hung Top 10 : Part 2

Here are the other five Sammo Hung movies i put in my top 10 list. It was a very difficult decision as he has made and been involved with so many great films.(Click on the pictures or the titles if you wish to purchase these films from Amazon.).


This is the last film the three little fortunes have worked on together and it is there best, especially in the action department. There was rumours of conflict on the set which led to the parting of the ways for a few years which was a great shame. Sammo directs the fight scenes the only way he can and he used Yuen Wah again as the villain as he did with Eastern Condors. Jackie has a re-match with Benny Urquidez and the whole film is great entertainment.



The first of Sammo’s films to be based on the Wing Chun system of Kung Fu. Here he uses super kicker Casanova Wong as the hero who battles a gang and corrupt officials trying to take over the town. Fantastic choreography has Wing Chun used excellently but also the great Korean’s kicking ability is shown to great effect, especially in the final battle. Typical Golden Harvest film of the time and a genuine classic.


Wong Fei Hung movie with Sammo playing Butcher Wing and Kwan Tak Hing as the great Fei Hung. Butcher Wing is always getting into trouble and while his master is away he comes into conflict with a rival school and trouble rears its ugly head. Yuen Woo Ping did the choreography and with the help of Sammo gives us some of the best traditional fights scenes put onto film. Lee Hoi San plays the main villain and its great to see Sammo use the five animal Hung Gar style to beat his opponents. Fantastic film and a must for any fan of the genre.


The Victim (1980)

Leung Kar Yan was a great kung fu star in the 70’s and 80’s and it was Sammo who took him under his wing and gave him great roles in a number of films mainly Warriors Two and this independent production The Victim. Sammo plays a happy go lucky Martial arts practitioner who tests other fighters to see who can beat him and become his master. After being beaten by Leung Kar Yan he soon becomes embroiled in his family feud with tragic consequences. Truly amazing fight scenes throughout the movie and a finale which will leave you breathless with its complex choreography and brutality. One of the best independent kung fu movies made during the heyday.


Sammo was first spotted by Western audiences fighting Bruce Lee at the start of Enter The Dragon and was a friend of the little dragon before his death. In this film and in Enter The Fat Dragon, Sammo fights just like Bruce, and he is definitely the best Bruce imitator out there! The film itself is a bit of a mess story wise with comic interludes but the end warehouse fight is a classic with Sammo using fist feet and nunchuku to devastating effect. Seek it out you wont be disappointed.

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