Truy Sat (Tracer) Trailer


Director: Cuong Ngo
Producer: Truong Ngoc Anh
Cast: Trung Ngoc Anh, Lamou Vissay, Marcus Guilhem, Maria Tran, Trung Ly, Thien Nguyen, Mike Leeder, Antony Nguyen.

Vietnam is not known for doing many action films, strict censorship laws don’t help and when the film Chinatown was banned because of extreme violence things were looking bad, especially after the great films starring Johnny Tri Nguyen, The Rebel and The Clash were so promising.

Truy Sat stars Truong Ngoc Anh who plays a policewoman whose family is murdered. She is determined to avenge their deaths and is helped by Thien Nguyen, an undercover cop, who has just dealt with a bank robbery gone awry for the robbers and the cops alike.

The film was released in Vietnam in April and hopefully will get a western release on dvd or Blu ray soon. It looks great and the action very well choreographed.  Trailer Below.

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