Classic Trailer : One Armed Boxer

Jimmy Wang Yu stars in this outrageous but fun martial arts classic , expanding on his famous One Armed Swordsman roles he did for Shaw Brothers. Here he fights all sorts of martial artists in many strange and bizarre ways. One Armed Boxer is definitely a film you wont forget in a hurry and is one of star Wang Yu’s most popular movies.

The Tournament (1974) Lobby Card Set

The Tournament made by Golden Harvest in 1974 starred Angela Mao and Carter Wong. It is an excellent example of early Golden Harvest martial arts movies and stands up well when seen today.

The head of a Chinese martial arts school owes money to some local hoods, so he sends two of his students to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in a kickboxing tournament in order to raise the necessary money to pay off the debt. After one student gets injured and the other killed, the disgraced head of the school loses face with the Chinese Martial Arts Association and feels so ashamed that he commits suicide. It’s up to the man’s daughter and the injured student to not only avenge his death, but also to restore the honor of the school.

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