The King Of Fists and Dollars UK DVD



Only the Iron Fist King can overthrow an evil empire …

A forgotten martial arts classic.

A greedy tyrant rules with relentless aggression. What he can’t buy, he takes by force. The desperate townspeople seek local kung fu master, the Iron Fist King, for help. Backed by his top students, the master takes on the warlord’s formidable hired fighter to rid the community of this powerful bully once and for all, in a brutal battle to the death.

Dir: Chen Ming-hua
Cast: David Chiang, Danny Lee, Pearl Cheung Ling, Chao Hsiung.
Runtime: 100 minutes
Anamorphic widescreen.
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles / English dubbed, French dubbed, Catalan dubbed.
Released 27th April.

Dragon Inn (1967). New 4K Restoration


King Hu’s classic swordplay film Dragon Inn (1967) has had a brand new 4K restoration in Taiwan. Eureka in the UK have bought the rights to the film and plan to give the movie a theatrical release followed by a Blu ray and DVD release later in the year.

It was shown at the B.F.I. in London and reports say the restoration is stunning. More news nearer the release date.

Rise Of The Legend : Review


Wong Fei Hung has always been a part of Chinese cinema starting with Kwan Tak Hing playing the folk hero followed by Jet Li in the Once Upon A Time in China series but this latest take on the legend is played by young actor Eddie Peng in Rise Of The Legend.

Late Qing Dynasty. Huangpu Port in Guangzhou is run by corruption and crime, ruled by rival gangs who exploit the people. One day, a stranger named Fei (Eddie Peng) comes to Huangpu and joins the Black Tiger gang, run with ruthlessness by Master Lei (Sammo Hung). After proving himself by taking out Lei’s nemesis, Fei becomes one of Lei’s most valued disciples. Meanwhile, a band of orphans – led by Fiery (Jing Boran) and Chun (Wang Luodan) – slowly make their presence known in Huangpu by taking down Black Tiger’s operations. [Read more…]

New UK Releases From Mediumrare

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UK distributors Mediumrare have announced that they plan to release a number of Hong Kong films onto Blu ray and DVD. The announcement said:

Mediumrare Entertainment is delighted to announce the acquisation of some of Hong Kong’s finest martial arts films to be released through 2015. Plans are still to be ironed out but most of the titles will be restored in high definition from original 35mm masters and will be available in Blu-ray and limited edition steelbook, these movies will never have looked so good!  Some highlights from the newly acquired titles are, Fist of Fury, Game of Death, The Way of the Dragon, The Big Boss, When Taekwondo Strikes, Armour of God, and the infamous Riki-Oh- The Story of Ricky.

Great news and hopefully these will be better than some of the upscaled Blu rays release in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Story Of Ricky  (Dual Format) will be available June 8th.

36th Chamber Of Shaolin : Blu Ray Box Set Review


Celestial Pictures spent a lot of money and time remastering most of the Shaw Brothers back catalogue starting in 2001 and released them to DVD in various countries around the world. The releases on Blu ray have been much more restrained, only around 5 in Hong Kong and a few in Germany and the USA were picked up for distribution.

Now IVL in Hong Kong have started to release a few titles onto Blu ray starting with this fabulous box set of all three 36th Chamber films directed by Lau Kar Leung. [Read more…]

Bruce Lee The Premiere Collection Blu Ray Review

bruce lee premiere collection blu ray review

Bruce Lee is still and probably always will be the King of Kung Fu movies and his films still sell well today after all these years. Seeing Bruce Lee in HD has been a bit more problematic as his films have not had the full remaster that they deserve (apart from Enter The Dragon which is a great Warners release).

Shout Factory in the USA went all out and released the Legacy Collection a large box set featuring the 4 remaining films of Bruce Lee on Blu ray and DVD as well as documentary dvd releases and a great booklet.

This Premiere collection is a slim down version of that set for those like me who did not want all the extras or the book that came with the earlier collection. [Read more…]

From Vegas To Macau 2 : Trailer

As much as i hated the first one, here is the trailer for the sequel From Vegas To Macau 2, this time it has Chow Yun Fat with Nik Cheung and it does look a lot more action packed.

Kung Fu Jungle : Hong Kong Blu Ray Review


Donnie Yen is the busiest action star in Hong Kong and has been for the past few years but some of his recent output such as Special ID and Iceman have been very disappointing and lacking in lots of areas.

Thankfully Kung Fu Jungle re-unites him with director Teddy Chen who he worked with on the excellent Bodyguards and Assassins and gives us a classic action film so lacking in recent years. [Read more…]

Dragon Lord : Hong Kong Blu Ray Review

dragon lord 1

Dragon Lord was Jackie Chan’s attempt to break away from the traditional Kung fu movie market and have different types of action in his movies. Although this was a brave attempt at change it did not work out for various reasons and was a disappointment at the Hong Kong box office compared to his previous hits. [Read more…]