Cheng Pei Pei Double Bill DVD


Shout Factory in the USA are to release a double bill starring Cheng Pei Pei in December. Two films are included Kung Fu Girl and Whiplash. Directed by Lo Wei and Ding Sin Saii this release continues the great releases coming from the company. Both films should have original Mandarin dialog with English suibtitles. Not sure if an English dub will be included. Release date December 2nd.

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai : Review

ouatis front

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai is yet another retelling of the story of Ma Wing-Jing a poor country bumpkin who goes to Shanghai seeking fame and fortune but ends up on the wrong side of powerful gang bosses. Philip Ng plays the title character who goes with two friends to the big city and almost immediately has to use his powerful martial arts skills to defend himself and hisĀ  co-travelers.

Bruce Lee Premiere Collection

bl prem

Shout Factory in the USA are re-releasing the Bruce Lee movies on Blu ray in a Premiere collection edition.

Last year they released an amazing box set which not only included the films but also extra documentaries and a large book.

This release will have the movies only, using the same transfer and audio options as the earlier release which is ideal for those that did what want to spend out on the more expensive box set. The set includes The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, Way Of The Dragon and Game Of Death. Not sure yet if any extras will be on the discs. Region A locked. Released November 11th.

Iron Monkey : Uncut Blu Ray Review

iron monkey hong kong blu ray

Iron Monkey is probably one of the best of the 90′s cult classic martial arts films that was released in the USA giving Donnie Yen and Yuen Woo Ping exposure to Hollywood and showing how great Hong Kong action movies can be. The problem was, as with most of the Miramax imported releases it was cut and dubbed robbing the audience of the original language and the full experience.

From Vegas To Macau: Blu Ray Review

from vegas to macau blu ray

Director Wong Jing is a director that i have liked in the past, although his films tend to be a mish-mash of different ideas and not always coherent they have mostly been fun to watch. He had one of his biggest hits in 1989 with God Of Gamblers starring Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau and this film From Vegas To Macau is a continuation of that series.

Meet Hwang Jang Lee In London. Special Event

On the weekend of September 13th and 14th in London.


The Suspect : Review


Dong-chul (Gong Yoo) is the best field agent in North Korea – until he is abandoned during a mission and his wife and daughter are brutally murdered. Hunted and on the run, he takes a job as a driver for the CEO of a big powerful corporation. The chairman of the business is assassinated but before he dies gives Dong-chul a pair of glasses. Wrongly accused of murder, wanted for treason, he is desperate to uncover the volatile national secrets hidden inside the glasses and get revenge for the murder of his family.

The Raid 2 : Review


The most talked about sequel for action and martial arts movie fans finally arrived this year with Gareth Evan’s follow up to The Raid, titled unsurprisingly, The Raid 2. The same star is leading the action and I was eager to see how they could top the previous excellent outing.

Brotherhood Of Blades (2014) Trailer


Below is the teaser trailer for the new swordplay / Wuxia film Brotherhood of Blades directed by Lu Yang and starring Chang Chen, Liu Shishi, Nie Yuan, Wang Qianyuan and Li Dongxue. Looks promising.

Ong Bak Trilogy. DVD and Blu Ray


Magnolia in the USA have announced a special box set release for all three Ong Bak films in July on DVD and Blu Ray.

The set includes ONG BAK: THAI WARRIOR, ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING and ONG BAK 3. All three will have a choice of original Thai language with subtitles or English dubbed. It is not known what extras will be in the set but it will probably be the same as the individual releases. Release date 29th July. REGION 1 DVD. REGION A BLU RAY.

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