Black Cat – Collectors Edition Coming Soon from 88 Films

UK distributors 88 Films have detailed their upcoming Collector’s Edition of Stephen Shin’s thriller Black Cat (1991), starring Jade Leung, Simon Yam, and Thomas Lam. The release will be on January 31st 2022.

Not to be confused with the various retellings of Poe’s famous tale, Black Cat is a high-octane Hong Kong action thriller that provides a hugely entertaining version of Luc Besson’s Nikita.

When Catherine (Jade Leung), a mentally disturbed young woman, is detained by the police after accidentally killing a truck driver, she finds herself part of a covert training system. Programmed as an assassin, having learned a host of new deadly skills, she becomes a lethal government weapon, codenamed Black Cat.

  • Audio Commentary
  • Trailer
  • Matthew Edwards Booklet
  • Four collectible art cards

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