Bruce Lee – The Intercepting Fist – Book Review

As we all know, many books have been written about Bruce Lee and his movies but none are as thorough or painstakingly researched as those by Steve Kerridge and On The Fly Productions.

The latest book soon to be released is called The Intercepting Fist and concerns the making of his second blockbuster movie Fist of Fury.

But if you think the book is just about that film, then think again as it is more of an in depth timeline of Bruce Lee’s life from October 1971 to April 1972.

It starts with the Golden Harvest Studio and how it was formed and built and the history behind the premises. As we progress through the pre-production of the film we learn about the real-life Fok Yun Gap (Ho Yuen Chia) and the Ching Wu school in old Shanghai.

Another fascinating aspect is the lost trailer made for the film featuring him and Bob Baker and also how Bruce became acquainted with the now-famous stuntmen of the time such as Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Wah.

Also, the press reports comparing Bruce to the other martial arts star of the time Jimmy Wang Yu and also the challenge from the local triad gang Bruce had onset in Macau. The book also goes past the finish of the shooting of the film and Bruce’s dismay at not getting the TV deal back in the USA from Warners. Finally, there is the photoshoot he did at Golden Harvest in traditional costumes, these rare photo’s and so many others throughout the book are worth the price of the book alone, but not only that you also get, thanks to painstaking research from Steve Kerridge and Darren Chua, a fascinating and never before so in-depth, retrospective look at one of Bruce Lee’s most iconic films.

If you missed out on his last book, Mandarin Superstar, a look at the making of The Big Boss, I urge any fan not to miss this one which is in some ways even better.

You can pre-order here – Bruce Lee Intercepting Fist (Hardback)

Release date November 2020

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Juan E. Velez

Yes I did miss out on The Mandarin Superstar , but I am not going to miss out on this one. I ordered 2 Copies of this New book coming out in November. I can’t wait to receive it.


The paper used on the books is not worthy but otherwise a very nice detailed publication


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