Classic Shaw Brothers Movies – 4 Blu Ray’s From 88 Films.

88 Films have announced 4 classic Shaw Brothers movies to be released onto Blu ray this Autumn / Winter, Flag of Iron, Legendary Weapons of China, Shaolin Mantis and Monkey Kung Fu, all to be released in the UK and USA.

Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu and Shaolin Mantis are two of the best martial arts arts movies from the late great director Lau Kar Leung and star great performers such as David Chiang, Fu Sheng, Gordon Liu and Lau Kar Wing.

Monkey Kung Fu is one of the few films to star Ching Siu Tung who went on to become a famous director of films such as Duel To The Death. Flag of Iron is one of the many films by the talented Venoms mob and shows some amazing weapons skills.

All films will be remastered and will have extras which are yet to be confirmed. Release dates are October, November and December.

More details when we get them…

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