Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog – Blu Ray Review

One of Sammo Hung’s early collaborations with Lau Kar Wing, Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog has been released in Hong Kong on a new remastered Blu ray and we look back at how this classic kung fu movie shapes up.

The plot is centred around a chain-mail vest, an invincible armour as it’s called, that allows its wearer to resist sword and weapon attacks to the torso. The armour changes hands a number of times, but once word of the armour’s discovery is out, every man and crook seems to want to get it. The most serious contenders are a bandit family led by a deadly white-browed former Shaolin Monk. (Lee Hoi Sang).

Typical of the king fu comedy films of the period this is just a series of comedy and action set pieces, some which work and some which fall flat. Sammo and Lau Kar Wing are always great together and as expected the choreography when displayed is excellent. The highlight has to be the 3 section staff battle they have with each other at the end of the film which really shows the skill with the weapon both men have.

This film has been released on VHS and DVD before but has always looked a bit shoddy. But this new remastered Blu ray looks amazing. Colours pop and the image is free from any damage or dirt. Audio has the original Cantonese and is crisp and clear and original mono, no awful 5.1 remix. English subtitles are mostly good and easy to follow.

It’s hard to see this film getting a Blu ray release outside of the Far East but if you want it for your collection then I would recommend this release. This disc is ALL REGION.

(A big thank you to Stephen Boucher for the loan of this disc).


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