Donnie Yen To Return in Ip Man 5 and Flashpoint Resurgence

It was announced at the Cannes Film Festival that action star Donnie Yen will return as the legendary martial arts figure, Ip Man, for Mandarin Motion Pictures’ upcoming Ip Man 5.

Mandarin Motion Pictures also announced Flash Point Resurgence, which will be a follow-up – or possible sequel to Yen’s 2007 hit film, Flash Point. Also announced was a third Yen project, titled Misjudgement.

Misjudgement is about a man who is framed for drug trafficking by a criminal syndicate in order to protect the identity of the real culprit. Yen plays the older version of the character whose case has been taken on by a new prosecutor who risks his career to reveal the truth.

Be interesting to see how they do Ip Man 5, as it must be a prequel as he died in the last instalment of the franchise.

More details when they are announced.

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