Dragon Lord – New 2K Remastered Blu Ray From 88 Films

88 Films in the UK continue the releases of Hong Kong classic cinema with this 1982 Jackie Chan classic, Dragon Lord.

Dragon (Jackie Chan) and Bull (Mars) are childhood friends who spend most of their free time chasing after local girls in general and spying on one in particular who catches their eyes.

A gang in the nearby dwelling is smuggling precious Chinese artifacts to westerners. Hoi (Chan Wai-man) is a reluctant party to the scheme and when he voiced his objection, the Big Boss sent his henchmen after him to keep him quiet. When the mischievous duo came across Hoi, who was hiding in their village, they take on the gang to protect the artifacts.

Originally a sequel to Young Master , Dragon Lord sees Jackie directing as well as starring and helping with the choreography. The disc will have 2 cuts of the film, original Cantonese mono soundtrack with English subtitles as well as English dubbed option. The film itself is from a new real HD 2K remaster.No news of special features yet but the usual amazing artwork by Kung Fu Bob Obrien on the cover.

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