Hwang Jang Lee – Kicking Master

Korean Taekwondo master Hwang Jang Lee is best known to movie fans for a string of Kung Fu movies made in the 1970s and 80’s such as Drunken Master and Invincible Armour normally playing the villain.

Born 21st of December 1941 he started Taekwondo lessons at age 14 and was a 7th Dan black belt by the age of 21 and has progressed to 9th dan which was awarded in 2003. He was scouted by movie producer Ng See Yuen in Korea and his first major screen villain role was in Secret Rivals in 1976 opposite another kicking expert John Liu. He went on to play a villain in many more movies until he retired from acting in 1996. He still teaches his art around the world and has lost none of his amazing skills.

Hwang Jang Lee today (pic copyright Spencer Lloyd Peet https://www.slpeetphotography.com)

In the late ’70s a number of Instructional VHS tapes were produced by Ng See Yuen and Roy Horan to showcase many martial arts styles and one was called The Art of High Impact Kicking starring Hwang Jang Lee. Below is the impressive introduction to that instructional video with Hwang getting to show his impressive kicking range.

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Hi, do you know if there are anymore instructional tapes like this one?

David Rees

There was a series released on VHS years ago, i know one was Wing Chun by Wong Shun Lung, another on Hung Gar Kung Fu by Chu Chia Ling, they can be found on ebay or they may even be on You Tube


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