Jimmy Wang Yu – 1943-2022. R.I.P.

We heard the sad news today of the passing of the great Jimmy Wang Yu. He is best known to fans for a string of classic films such as One-Armed Swordsman, Beach of the War Gods, Man From Hong Kong and One-Armed Boxer.

Wang Yu had a mild stroke in 2011. In 2016, he suffered a second stroke in Bangkok where he fainted at the airport and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery. He returned to Taiwan that same year but was still in and out of hospital for 5 years.

He was released from the hospital in 2021 but according to his second daughter Carol, who was his main carer, he still had to undergo physiotherapy. She announced his death saying “My father was loyal and valued his friends. On and off-screen, he is an upright and chivalrous person, and his life was brilliant. We will always miss my father. We also believe his handsome one-armed swordsman hero image will forever live in film history and in the hearts of fans,” 

May he rest in peace and his fans will long remember him for the great films he made. Below is the trailer for Man From Hong Kong.

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