Killer (2022) – Blu-Ray Review

Killer is a 2022 action thriller from South Korea and stars Jang Hyuk who plays Bang Ui-gang, a retired mercenary who just wants to live an easy and quiet life. One day his wife asks him to babysit a friend’s daughter, Yoon Ji and make sure she keeps out of trouble while she is away with her stepmom.

But Yoon-Ji ends up being mixed up with some juvenile delinquents and Ui-kang reluctantly uses a little bit of violence to protect her. However, the delinquents are found dead, and he is suspected by the local police of the murders. Things escalate when Yoon-ji is kidnapped and Ui-Gang is forced to pull out his gun again, an eye for an eye and blood for blood.

Very stylishly shot with bright colour palettes and swift editing the film has definitely been influenced by John Wick with many ballistic and flashy gun battles as well as some impressive hand-to-hand combat.

Actor Jang Hyuk, who some will remember from the excellent The Swordsman, which also had the same director, plays it smoothly and ultra cool but also comes across as a little bland. The film tackles serious themes like sex trafficking and the exploitation of young girls and you can see why the film got its 18 certificate.

The action scenes are swift, violent and very bloody but are choreographed with a lot of style, in fact, you can see the outtakes of some of the fight scenes over the end credits and to give the actors their praise they certainly had a tough time making them.

The fights, which are plentiful, take place in a multitude of environments such as tight corridors and even a kitchen but are exciting to watch. the film is also just 90 minutes long so goes by quickly with no padding.

Certainly one of the best action movies this year so far, with its quick run time, good cast and fast-paced action scenes, Killer is definitely recommended viewing.

The film has been released on Blu-ray by Cine Asia and has a great striking transfer. Audio is in your face with a very loud and heart-pumping sound mix. Extras are Behind The Scenes, Jang Hyuk Special Clip and some trailers. (Also available on DVD).

FILM – 8 PICTURE – 8.5 AUDIO – 9 EXTRAS – 4.5

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