Lau Kar Leung – Movies He Directed at Shaw Brothers

Lau Kar Leung Movies

Having recently watched all of Lau Kar Leung’s Shaw directed movies and the great director getting a lifetime achievement award at the 2010 Hong Kong Film Awards, here’s my short opinion of each…

These are films he directed for Shaws only.

SPIRITUAL BOXER (1975): ok first directorial effort, mixes comedy and kung fu in the same manner as Drunken Master, which was made three years later. 6 / 10

CHALLENGE OF THE MASTERS (1976): Excellent Wong Fei Hung film with good cast and choreography. 7.5 / 10

EXECUTIONERS FROM SHAOLIN (1976): Introduced Lo Lieh playing Pei Mei, great all round film, the climax is a bit of a letdown. 7.5 / 10

36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN (1978): The first real training film, great performance by Gordon Liu, a definite classic . 9 / 10

HEROES OF THE EAST (1978): Chinese vs Japanese but done in the true spirit of martial arts, great weapons and empty hand fighting, one of my favourites. 10 / 10

SHAOLIN MANTIS (1978): David Chiang’s best fighting performance I think, good story and amazing weapons fight, even the end has a twist. 8.5 / 10

DIRTY HO (1979): Not very engaging characters, but some unusual action choreography and very well shot. Somewhat overrated in my opinion. 7/10

MAD MONKEY KUNG FU (1979): Director is lead actor and a great all-round kung fu film that has a lot of re-watchable scenes. Classic. 9 / 10

SPIRITUAL BOXER PART 2 (1979): A rare miss-step for the director this is a boring comedy with little action to redeem it…4 / 10

CLAN OF THE WHITE LOTUS (1980): I know this was supposed to be directed by Lo Lieh, but I have heard that Lau Kar Leung had a lot to do with it and it shows. A brilliant classic film which should be in every fans collection…10 / 10

RETURN TO THE 36TH CHAMBER (1980): Comedy twist on the usual Shaolin story but still although heavy on comedy has some great action. 8 / 10

MARTIAL CLUB (1981): Another great Wong Fei Hung film with a great end fight in an alley with Wang Lung Wei. Fabulous. 9 / 10

MY YOUNG AUNTIE (1981): Overrated action/comedy which has dated badly but saved by a blistering finale which I can watch again and again. 7 / 10

CAT VS RAT (1982): Cantonese comedy which really doesn’t go anywhere, a disappointment when you think who was involved. 5 / 10

LEGENDARY WEAPONS OF CHINA: (1982): Again very hyped, but very good kung fu movie with again a great performance from the director. Comedy interludes don’t help but a fantastic end battle. 8 / 10

EIGHT DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER (1983): Brilliant, superb, what more can be said. The ultimate pole fighting film, great performances, brutal end fight and a sadness that Fu Sheng never got to finish his role…10 / 10

LADY IS THE BOSS (1983): Again too much comedy makes part of this almost unwatchable, good end fight but you may find yourself fast forwarding to it….5.5 / 10

DISCIPLES OF THE 36TH CHAMBER (1985): One of his last for Shaws, its an ok story of San Te and Fong Sai Yuk. Good choreography but a bit flat… 7 / 10


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