Martial Club- 88 Films Blu Ray Specifications

The specifications for the upcoming release of Martial Club starring Gordon Liu and Wang Lung Wei has been released by 88 Films.

UK & USA Release. Artwork by Kungfubob O’Brien.

HD Transfer from the Original Negative.

DTS-HD MA Mono Mandarin Audio with Newly Translated English Subtitles or 1.0 DTS-HD MA Mono English Audio.

Audio commentary with Asian cinema expert Frank Djeng and Actor / Martial Artist Michael Worth

Supplementary Audio commentary with Asian cinema expert Frank Djeng.

Instructors of Death – Grindhouse Presentation‘Kung Fu and Dancing.

An Interview with Actor Robert Mak

Born to Be Bad – An Interview with Actor Johnny Wang

Disciples of Shaolin – An Interview with Stuntmen Hung Sun-Nam and Tony Tam

The Right Hand Man – An Interview with Producer Lawrence Wong

‘Instructors of Death’ Trailer

Hong Kong Trailer

Now you can pre-order here for the UK.. OR

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