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miracles uk blu ray
Miracles Blu Ray from 88 Films

Miracles aka Mr Canton and Lady Rose was made in 1989 and was a big-budget drama directed by and starring Jackie Chan with co-stars Anita Mui and Bill Tung.

The film concerns a countryman Gwok Zan-Waa (Jackie Chan) who comes to the big city looking for work but immediately get swindled out of most of his money. He then by chance buys a flower from a rose seller for good luck and then happens to intercept a hit on a mob leader. Mistaking the bosses last words before dying Gwok is promoted to gang leader and his luck and fortune begin to change, thanks he thinks, to his rose selling lady friend.

But when her daughter is to come into the city with her fiance and his family, the woman selling the roses has a breakdown as she has been telling her she is rich. A big plan is set in place to show the rose seller is well off and successful but Gwok also has rival gangs on his trail as well.

miracles hong kong lobby card
Miracles lobby card

A miss mash of drama, comedy and superbly choreographed action, Miracles is definitely one of Jackie Chan’s most high budget and technically accomplished films. The camera work and cinematography are excellent as well as the amazing sets and costumes. Those expecting an action film will be disappointed, while the action is woven into the story it is short but supremely done but does make you wish for more. The middle section where the comedy of errors regarding the rose seller and her daughter and fiance can become a little tiresome and the film is slightly overlong (hence the shorter cut for foreign markets). It does show what Jackie Chan can do as a director and it was a shame he was not given more chances to do so by Golden Harvest as the film was only a moderate success at the box office and took a long time to film.

The fight scenes when they do happen are some of his finest, slick fast and stunt-filled so it is definitely worth a watch just for that alone.

miracles japanese poster
miracles Japanese poster

This new Blu Ray from 88 Films is by far the best it has ever looked. Taken from a true HD 4K remaster it is bright, clean and truly spectacular to look at. You are given a choice of the original cut (127 mins) or the shorter international cut (107 mins). You have the original mono Cantonese soundtrack which is clear and fine. Also an alternate Cantonese Mono Soundtrack featuring a unique mix and different music cues. You have the classic English dubbed track also if you like that option.

Extras are limited and include an alternate The Canton Godfather title sequence, Jackie Chan: Film Director Featurette with Steve Lawson and trailers. Also in first pressing is an excellent booklet with great written articles and rare pictures.

A different Jackie Chan film and if you go in expecting a comedy/drama and not a full out action film, you will have a great time. With exceptional picture quality and original soundtrack this comes reccomended.

FILM – 7.5 PICTURE – 10 AUDIO – 8 EXTRAS – 5

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