Sakra (2022) – Trailer – New Film with Donnie Yen

sakra poster 2

Below is the trailer for the new film Sakra, starring and directed by Donnie Yen, In the film, Yen will take the role of Master Qiao Feng, who is one of the main protagonists of an intertwining storyline that includes the characters of Duan Yu and Xuzhu.

Donnie Yen said about the film “Over the last 20 years, a lot of Wuxia characters on screen have become more and more fantasy and cartoonish. I wanted to stay away from that — I wanted to go back to the history and the roots. From the wardrobe to the hair and set design all the way to the action and stunts, I wanted to go back to the roots with some realism.”

Release date in Hong Kong is January 16th.

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