Swordsman 2 – UK DVD Review

Swordsman 2 DVD

Swordsman 2 DVD

Totally over the top swordplay movie from Ching Siu Tung, this is the second part of a trilogy of films that would help revitalise the Wuxia (swordplay) genre.

Far superior to the first in the series Swordsman 2 focuses on Ling (Jet Li) a happy go lucky swordsman and also introduces the character of Invincible Asia (Brigitte Lin) who has obtained the sacred scroll and gained supernatural powers at the expense of changing sex by castration and transforming from a he to a she!!

She has recruited an army of Japanese samurai and has taken over the Sun Moon sect, her ultimate goal is to take control of the martial world. In order to bring peace Ling, along with a handful of faithful buddies is forced to stop her. However, it all becomes increasingly difficult when Ling starts to have feelings for Asia when she fully transforms into a woman!

Confused?… You will be after trying to keep up with the story. So just sit back and enjoy the amazing display of over the top wirework, excellent cinematography and brutal swordplay that doesn’t let up for a minute. Some of the highlights include Ninja’s flying on giant throwing stars, horses torn in half, exploding palm strikes and a heroine who swallows a whole dead snake the spits out the venom as a weapon!

Those looking for ground-based fight action should look elsewhere as the director takes his heroes into the air with fast-paced and edited sword fights which are just as accomplished as his earlier Duel To The Death.

There is a remastered DVD released in Hong Kong and an anamorphic budget release in the UK, both are good discs to have in your collection

8 OUT OF 10

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