Takeshi Kitano Collection – Blu Ray Set From B.F.I.

B.F.I. in the UK is set to release a three-film set by acclaimed actor Takeshi Kitano which will include Violent Cop, Boiling Point and Sonatine.

Blu-ray box set features:

  • High Definition transfers of all three films
  • Feature-length audio commentaries on Violent Cop and Sonatine by Chris D, punk poet, singer, actor, film historian and author of Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film
  • Newly recorded audio commentary on Boiling Point by David Jenkins
  • That Man is Dangerous: The Birth of Takeshi Kitano (2016, 20 mins): documentary examining the emergence, establishment and popularity of Takeshi Kitano’s cinematic image
  • Okinawa Days: Kitano’s Second Debut (2016, 20 mins): a look back at Kitano’s Boiling Point, featuring interviews with producer Masayuki Mori and actor Yurei Yanagi
  • Violent Cop trailer
  • Boiling Point trailers
  • Sonatine trailer
  • *** First pressing only***44-page book with new writing on the films and their director by Japanese film experts Tom Mes, Jasper Sharp, Mark Schilling and film critic James-Masaki Ryan

More often known by his stage name ‘Beat’ Takeshi the star was born in Japan in 1947, he is known as a comedian, television presenter, author, actor and filmmaker and has become a cultural icon both in his own country and abroad.

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