The Night Comes for Us – Review

Indonesia was not known for its action cinema until a certain Welshman, Gareth Evans let loose The Raid films onto the west with fan and critical acclaim. Evans went on to make the very enjoyable horror thriller Apostle (Also on Netflix) but now a new action movie, The Night Comes For Us has now emerged from the director of Headshot Timo Tjahjanto and proves to be one of the most violent and gory martial arts/action epics these eyes have seen in a long while.

The Night Comes For Us follows Ito (played by Joe Taslim), a former triad enforcer, and his mission to protect a young girl he saved. While trying to escape his former gang after his mysterious disappearance he tries all he can to get the girl to safety, which sets off a series of violent battles on the streets of Jakarta.

The plot is fairly straightforward, a gang member goes on the run after a change of heart and has a shot at redemption but it flows into a series of exciting, gory and at times astonishing action set pieces. Playing Ito’s nemesis is Iko Uwais the star of The Raid films and the recent Mile 22 with Marc Wahlberg and the film builds up to the final confrontation between the two which does not disappoint.

The action choreography is slick and fast, but brutal and realistic with anything and everything used as a weapon, from knives and machetes to meat hooks and snooker balls! Blood and gore is plentiful and by the end, it does make you feel a little burned out by it all. Look out for some deadly women fighters in the film including Julie Estelle (Hammer Girl from The Raid 2) as a mysterious motorbike riding gunslinger and two lesbian assassins who are as brutal as they are beautiful.

Be warned this is not for the squeamish, rarely have i witnessed such painful brutality, it almost at times feels more like a horror movie than a martial arts action one, but saying that it is definitely one of the most action-packed and exciting films to have come out this year and I look forward to the directors next movie with great interest.

The Night Comes For Us is available on Netflix worldwide now…

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