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Dong-chul (Gong Yoo) is the best field agent in North Korea – until he is abandoned during a mission and his wife and daughter are brutally murdered. Hunted and on the run, he takes a job as a driver for the CEO of a big powerful corporation.

The chairman of the business is assassinated but before he dies gives Dong-chul a pair of glasses. Wrongly accused of murder, wanted for treason, he is desperate to uncover the volatile national secrets hidden inside the glasses and get revenge for the murder of his family.

The Suspect is another high-class Korean thriller with a big budget, the story soon gets you tied up in the predicament the hero faces and the twists and turns that happen during the film are genuinely surprising. Gong Yoo is good in the lead role, the silent but deadly type, the supporting cast are all fine and the action is plentiful including some great car chase sequences. The hand to hand fights are frustrating to watch because they are shot and edited so badly. It’s all close-ups and quick cuts that you can’t really see what is going on.

Overall another good thriller from South Korea and worth a watch it’s just a shame that the action scenes could not have been filmed better.

The film has had a decent DVD and Blu ray release in Hong Kong and the USA. UK has DVD only.

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