Arahan – Blu Ray Review

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Arahan Blu Ray Review

Arahan is one of my personal favourite movies to have come out of Korea in the past decade. Excellent action mixed with comedy which is genuinely funny.

So Sang-Hwan (Ryoo Seung Bum) is a good-hearted cop who just does not seem to be able to do anything right and is always getting into trouble with his bosses.

When he chases a motorcycle thief he comes across Eui-Jin (the gorgeous Yoon So Yi) who while trying to catch the criminal accidentally hits So Sang with her Palm blast technique. Taking him to recover at home her father, one of the seven Taoist masters discovers he has amazing Chi power and tries to get him to train with them so that he could save mankind from evil forces.

After being humiliated by a gang boss and his cronies he decides to train and unwillingly ends up in a battle to save mankind from an unthinkable evil.

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Arahan does just about everything right. The acting is spot on, the story engaging and the comedy very funny. When the action does come it is superbly choreographed, action highlights being the fight in the restaurant and the extended end battle. Wirework and CGI are used but not overdone and blends in with the film well.

The film gets a limited edition Blu Ray release in Korea and the good thing is it is Region Free.

You have a great 1080p transfer and Korean language in DTS HD MA 5.1. English subtitles are provided but one niggle is that the subtitles appear a second or so before what is being spoken, it is distracting at first but does not stop you following the film clearly (This has now been rectified on the release). There are some extras including an audio commentary and a making-of but sadly these are not subtitled.

If your a fan of this film like I am, this is a must buy Blu ray release. (Also Available on DVD in the UK)



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