Enter the Clones of Bruce Lee – New Documentary – Trailer

enter the clones of bruce lee

Love or hate them, many Bruce Lee rip-off clone movies were made and distributed after his sad and untimely death. This new documentary from Michael Worth called Enter the Clones of Bruce Lee explores everything about this cinematic phenomenon that swept the world in the 1970s.

10+ years in the making, this feature-length documentary explores the Bruce Lee exploitation craze, otherwise known as Bruceploitation.” Released by Severin Films, Enter the Clones of Bruce is directed and produced by David Gregory, along with Carl Daft, Frank Djeng, Vivian Wong and Michael Worth.

Many stars and directors are interviewed including Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Godfrey Ho, Sammo Hung, Angela Mao, Philip Ko, Yasuaki Kurata, David Chiang, Andre Morgan and many more.

Enter the Clones of Bruce is World Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival 2023, as part of its “Escape from Tribeca” section. A Blu-ray should be released soon after. Below is the trailer.

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