Furie – Review

Vietnamese action cinema is thin on the ground, at least that which gets released in the West, but this new movie Furie starring Veronica Ngo, who action fans may remember from The Clash and the excellent The Rebel way back in 2007 will change that.

Furie has Hai Phuong trying desperately to bring up her daughter by doing jobs for a local debt collection agency but when traffickers kidnap her daughter from her village, the vengeful mother returns to Saigon, and her outlaw roots, to take down the abductors at whatever cost and get her daughter back safely.

Nothing new in the plot but it is done with pace and style with very well shot by cinematographer Christopher Morgan Schmidt with exciting choreographed battles by Samuel Kefi Abrikh and action direction from Yannick Ben and Anh Tuan Nguyen.

After great success on its release in Vietnam it is now available to everyone via Netflix. The story is hard hitting in places but character development could have been expanded a bit more, we get to see glimpses of Hai Phuong’s past life but not enough to really flesh out the story. As mentioned action fans will certainly get there fix and hopefully we get to see Veronica Ngo in more movies as she certainly has the screen charisma and action skills to go far.

Also available on DVD and Blu ray in the USA from WellGo

FILM: 7.5 OUT OF 10

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