Hidden Strike – Review. Jackie Chan.

Hidden Strike is a story of two special forces operatives tasked with delivering civilians to safety through what is known as the Highway of Death in the Middle East. It’s set in the future where oil and water are more valuable than anything else on Earth. In their way are forces attempting to pull off the biggest oil heist in history, so the battle is set.

This film has a troubled history, it was known as Project Xtraction, then SNAFU and also Ex-Bagdhad but finally settled on the generic name Hidden Strike. It was originally conceived as a double act of Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan, but Stallone dropped out and WWF wrestler John Cena took his place.

The film, directed by Scott Waugh (who has just finished Expendables 4) was finished in 2021 but only now is being released apparently because of Censorship problems in China and the pandemic. It feels like a ’90s action movie but with more CGI and poor CGI at that which does not help.

The chemistry between Chan and Cena is good, but not really explored enough as it just rushes from one action scene to the next. The action when it comes is mostly well done, Chan gets to show some of his trademark fighting skills but do not go in expecting it to be up to the standard of his previous more famous films.

The story is very generic but it is an enjoyable ride if you switch your brain off for 90-odd minutes and soak up the action. Its tone shifts from violent action to comic banter which is jarring at times but the chemistry between the two stars is good and Chan still shows he can do some great action even at his age. The villains are mostly forgettable but the extended battle in the last half hour makes it worth sitting through.

Netflix is the place you can watch this now and it’s doubtful if this will ever get a physical media release, maybe in Germany or parts of Europe. Another OK action film that is mostly forgettable, but worth a watch.

6 OUT OF 10

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One comment on “Hidden Strike – Review. Jackie Chan.

Hidden Strike is a great action packed and entertaining film. Far better than what I was expecting, It was also a huge hit on Netflix with 22 millions views in just 3 days ,topping the charts 2 weeks in a row. I will definitely watch the film again.. JC and JC made an awesome team..my score is 8 out of 10


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