Iceman Cometh – 88 Films UK Blu Ray Details

We now have more details of the UK release by 88 Films of the classic Yuen Biao film Iceman Cometh.

In The Iceman Cometh, two opposing Ming Dynasty warriors fall into an ice crevice and are unthawed in the early 1990s to a drastically changed world. The good warrior (Yuen Biao) finds a home with a quirky prostitute (Maggie Cheung). The bad warrior (Yuen Wah), a rapist-murderer, simply picks up where he left off centuries ago. At first, they are unaware that the other still exists until Wah’s handiwork shows up again.

Extras announced :

  • The release will feature: Original Hong Kong Version (115 minutes) with Cantonese Original Mono, Classic English dub and 5.1 New English Dub
  • The FULLY UNCUT (127 mins) Extended Taiwanese Version (Mandarin Export Cut) with Mandarin mono, Hybrid Cantonese/Mandarin track and English/Mandarin hybrid track
  • 6 x Replica Lobby Cards
  • A3 Poster featuring original Hong Kong Artwork
  • Limited Edition Rigid Slipcase
  • A perfect-bound book featuring new writing on the film

So different to the USA Vinegar Syndrome release, details which can be seen here…..



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