Leg Fighters Blu Ray Announced

Great news for classic Kung Fu movie fans, VCI Entertainment, the U.S. distribution company have announced The Pearl Collection, a label “dedicated to publishing important classic and neglected martial arts films from Asia in editions that offer the highest technical quality available and original supplements and content.”

The first title is The Leg Fighters (1980) (aka Invincible Kung Fu Legs), starring Tan Tao Liang which hits Blu-ray on October 15th.


Phoenix (Li Hsia Kuang) is a rebellious young student in martial arts, so when her father brings in a new Kung Fu instructor, high-kicking Tan Hai-Chi (Tan Tao-Liang), she will find herself having to shape up quickly as a deadly master approaches (Kang Peng) looking for Tan to avenge his brother’s death. With action scenes from Sun Jung-Chi Sun and Kang Peng, the fights set new standards in kicking choreography under the knowledgeable action eye of Tso Nam Lee.

Special Features:

  • New! 2K Restoration of original 35mm Chinese print
  • Audio commentary by filmmaker, actor and Kung Fu Film fan Michael Worth
  • Michael Worth visits with director Lee Tso Nam
  • Original Theatrical Trailer to Nam’s The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious
  • Discussion with Dan Halsted, curator of Portland’s Hollywood Theater Kung Fu Night
  • Original film memorabilia and behind the scenes photos
  • An original illustration was commissioned from popular genre artist, Ian McEwan!

News of where to buy, price and if its region coded will be put up as soon as we know.

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2 comments on “Leg Fighters Blu Ray Announced

Nichols Po Maldonado

Any more future Taiwanese lost kung fu movies to come?


There will be more if this sells ok, no idea as to what titles yet.


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