Ride On – New Jackie Chan Movie Release by WellGo and Cine Asia

ride on chinese poster
ride on poster

The latest Jackie Chan action comedy Ride On, directed and written by Larry Yang, is set to be released in the USA by WellGo and in the UK by Cine Asia.

Jackie Chan stars as a washed-up stuntman who can barely make ends meet, let alone take care of his beloved stunt horse, Red Hare. The man reluctantly seeks help from his estranged daughter and her lawyer boyfriend when notified that the horse may be auctioned off to cover his debts.

Unexpectedly, the stuntman and the horse become overnight media sensations when their real-life fight with debt collectors goes viral. That earns the stuntman a second chance to choose between his movie career and his family.

Looks like a lot of fun and you can see the Trailer below –

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