Shaolin vs Wu Tang – Blu-Ray release announced from Agfa in USA


The classic kung fu movie Shaolin Vs Wu Tang starring Gordon Liu and Adam Cheng is getting a Blu-ray release in the USA by AGFA. (From website

Long regarded as a long-lost masterpiece this is a film which many think was a Shaw Brothers production as it had many of the stars from the studio in it but was in fact made by the Hing Fat Film Company in Hong Kong. It was one of only two films that Gordon Liu directed with much help from the great Lau Kar Leung.

The release will be from a new 2K restoration which is excellent news for fans as it was thought that the original rights holders could not be found.

When an evil lord schemes to learn the secrets of Shaolin kung fu and the Wu-Tang sword by pitting the two schools against each other, it’s up to their top two students to team up to stop him from becoming the supreme master.

The film that gave the Wu-Tang Clan its name (not to mention some of its most famous samples), Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang features all the hallmarks of the best kung fu cinema. More details when we hear them….

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