Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin – Blu Ray 2K Remaster from 88 Films

88 Films have announced the Blu-ray release of the classic Jackie Chan movie Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin from a new 2K remaster.

Released in 1978, Snake & Crane Arts Of Shaolin was a surefire sign to audiences that its young lead actor Jackie Chan was soon to be a martial arts movie superstar!

After the eight Shaolin masters disappear mysteriously, Hsu is entrusted with the protection of a book written by them. Now, he has to fight several clans and also try to find where the Shaolin Masters are.

Helmed by the great Chen Chi Hwa, who also oversaw the Chan classic Shaolin Wooden Men (1976), 88 Films is proud to present Snake & Crane Arts Of Shaolin in glorious HD thanks to a brand new 2K restoration.

But I hear some of you cry, this was released by 88 Films a couple of years ago! Yes but that release was flawed and this is from a new 2K remaster, it will have a better sound quality and proper English subtitles, not just HOH ones that were on the previous release. Plus cool new cover artwork by Kung Fu Bob Obrien! No news of special features yet.



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