The Basher Box Set – 2 Classic Movies on Blu ray from Pearl River

USA company Pearl River are to release a two film set onto Blu ray they are calling The Basher Box. The two films are The Prodigal Boxer (1972) and The Awaken Punch (1973) , both from new 4K remasters.

In 1973 a film that bares many similarities to Bruce Lee’s debut film The Big Boss, In The Awaken Punch Henry Yu Yang plays an altruistic fighter who begins to build a name for himself as he violently cleans up a town from within its seedier elements. But when he must abide by a promise to his dying father to give up his fighting ways, he will be faced with a new challenge in the arrival of the knife-throwing master Tien Feng (Fist of Fury) and his gang.

The Prodigal Boxer (1972) is an early take on the legend of martial artist Fong Sai-Yuk (later to be portrayed by the likes of Jet Li and Alexander Fu-Sheng), here played by Meng Fei. Once Fong Inadvertently kills a student of the rival school run by Iron Hand Tan (Yasuaki Kurata), this action leads to a series of near death confrontations between the men concluding in a tournament battle of the ages.

Extras –

  • NEW 4K Transfer of The Prodigal Boxer from a 35mm inter-positive
  • NEW 4k Transfer of The Awaken Punch from a 35mm negative
  • Audio Commentary on The Prodigal Boxer with actor/director Michael Worth and Clones Cast/Cinema Bushido host Matthew Whittaker
  • Creative Chaos: The Basher Genre: an interview with Michael Worth and Action Choreographer John Kreng
  • Original Theatrical Trailers to both films
  • Newly commissioned artwork from artist Bryan Meredith
  • Essay booklet on the Basher genre within Kung Fu Cinema History

Release date is to be confirmed as is if it will be region locked.

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