Young Master – New Special Edition Blu Ray From 88 Films

88 Films in the UK have outdone themselves with the announcement of a fantastic new 2 Disc special edition Blu ray of Jackie Chan’s Young Master.

Below are the full specs for the limited edition release.

Slipcase with brand-new artwork from R.P. “Kung Fu Bob” O’Brien
Reversible sleeve with alternative Hong Kong poster artwork
Double-sided foldout Poster
6 Replica Lobby Cards
80-page perfect-bound book featuring 3 new essays + selected archive materials
* Jackie Chan – The Early Years: From Stuntman to Superstar by William Blaik (Fighting Spirit Film Festival)
* The History of Martial Arts on Video by Tim Murray
* Fan-Tastic! Jackie Chan Begins Again by James Oliver


New 2K Remaster of the Hong Kong Theatrical Cut [106 minutes]
Restored from the original 35mm camera negative in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
Cantonese Mono Theatrical Mix
Cantonese Mono Home Video Mix
English 5.1 Dub [2002]
Newly remastered English subtitles
Audio Commentary with HK Cinema Expert Brandon ‘OldPangYau’ Bentley
Rick Baker on The Young Master
The Art of the Cut: Editing of The Young Master [21 mins]
Extended Fight Scenes: reconstructed and previously unavailable [6 mins]
“The Cut Master” A collection of rare deleted, extended, and alternate footage [13 mins]
Jackie Chan Interview [8 mins]
The Master: An Interview with master Whang In Sik [28 mins]
NG (no good) shots [10 mins]
Hong Kong trailer
Extended Hong Kong trailer
Japanese trailer
US Home Video Trailer
English trailer


International Export Cut [90 minutes]
Restored especially for the 40th Anniversary of the film, this version was commissioned by Golden Harvest for audiences outside Asia
Contains the Classic English Dub and an alternate soundtrack featuring the song ‘Kung Fu Fighting Man’ performed in English by Jackie Chan
Audio Commentary with HK cinema aficionados & game producers Audi Sorlie & Chris Ling

Extended Export Cut [99 minutes]

Released exclusively in Japan on 21st March 1981 by Toho-Towa, this version is broadly similar to the export cut. Although shorter than the Hong Kong cut, this composite cut features the uncut final fight and ending from said Hong Kong cut; alternate scenes, also included in the 90 minute export cut and the full-length export English Dub with alternate soundtrack

I recommend pre ordering this while you can as it will sell out very quickly.

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