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unbeatable blu ray

Unbeatable was originally called MMA because one of the main features of the story is the new sport of cage fighting and mixed martial arts.

Fai (Nick Cheung) was once a world champion in boxing but has to escape to Macau and get away from the loan sharks he owes money too. While helping out at a friends gym, he unexpectedly encounters Qi (Eddie Peng), a young man who is determined to enter and win a huge prize at an MMA cage competition.  Fai becomes Qi’s mentor and rediscovers his passion to fight not only in the ring but for his life and those close to him.

Well made and shot Unbeatable is an enjoyable if predictable action drama. The focus is on relationships which was a great move by director Dante Lam so that you get to know the characters well and root for them. The acting is very good, Nick Cheung is a revelation as the former boxer and it really shows that the actors trained very hard for the roles. Ten-year-old actress Crystal Lee is also excellent in a role of a young girl having to look after her mentally unstable mother and becomes friends with Fai.

Finally Andy On yet again almost steals the show as the MMA fighter that our heroes have to defeat. The action and training scenes are exciting and well shot and while there is really nothing new here, it is still one of the most enjoyable action films from Hong Kong for a while.

unbeatable movie

The Blu ray released by Panorama is excellent. Ther 1080p transfer sparkles, rich and colourful it really does stand out. Audio again is excellent with a choice of Cantonese LPCM 7.1 or Dolby True HD 7.1  it really packs a punch. Extras are ok, you have a comprehensive making of which thankfully also has English subtitles and a trailer.

A good film and Blu Ray release. Recommended. (Locked to REGION A)


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