7 Film Sonny Chiba Box Set – Coming Soon From Shout Factory

Shout Factory in the USA have announced a 7 Film box set on Blu-ray from Sonny Chiba called The Sonny Chiba Collection.

This collection will give you some of the wildest action films from the impressive legacy of Sonny Chiba! This box set comprises just a small selection from his incredibly successful career. Some of these films are making their North America Blu-ray debut.

Disc One:

Yakuza Wolf: I Perform Murder (2.35:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 87 min.)

In this riveting Western, a vengeful man is after the Japanese yakuza for killing his boss and selling his sister into slavery. This exciting thrill ride is “one of Chiba’s most enjoyable films” (Chris D., Guns And Swords).

Yakuza Wolf 2: Extend My Condolences (2.35:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 85 min.)

In this fantastic sequel, Chiba is sent to prison after being betrayed by a yakuza underboss. Once out, he looks to get his revenge in this exciting film directed by Buichi Saito (Lone Wolf And Cub: Baby Cart In Peril).

Disc Two:

Bodyguard Kiba (2.35:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 87 min.)

Based on the anime by Ikki Kajiwara, Bodyguard Kiba follows a martial arts fighter (Sonny Chiba) who takes on the yakuza. This film was released in the US theatrically as The Bodyguard with the slogan “Viva Chiba!”

Bodyguard Kiba 2 (2.35:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 88 min.)

This terrific sequel opens with our hero in prison. Upon his release, he takes a bodyguard position at a nightclub … and his new employer ends up being the one who had him imprisoned!

Shoguns Shadow Poster

Disc Three:

Shogun’s Shadow (1.85:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo, 112 min.)

A young man on a journey to Edo to mark his passage to manhood is accompanied by seven master samurai charged with getting him there safely… against the wishes of a powerful shogunate.

Samurai Reincarnation (1.85:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 122 min.)

When a resurrected demon assembles a team of undead samurai warriors to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate, only one person can defeat them: Jubei Yagyu (Sonny Chiba).

Disc Four:

Swords of Vengeance (2.35:1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 160 min.)

Director Kinji Fukasaku (Battle Royale, The Green Slime) teams up with Sonny Chiba to present a daring and violent version of Japan’s most epic myth, “The 47 Loyal Retainers.”

No details yet of the special feature but we will update when available. Released late November.

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