Bride With White Hair – Blu Ray Review

Eureka in the UK have just released a Blu-ray of the Ronny Yu directed classic Bride With White Hair from a new 4K remaster.

Zhuo (Leslie Cheung), a master swordsman, is in charge of an army chosen to protect China from an evil cult. During one battle Zhuo falls in love with Lian (Brigitte Lin), a young woman who was raised by wolves and then adopted by the Siamese twin leader of a deadly cult. The two try and seek a life of peace, but when Zhuo’s colleagues are slaughtered in mysterious ways he finds himself forced to turn against his beloved.
Beautifully shot by cinematographer Peter Pau and with standout performances from Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin, this is a must-see for fans of fantasy and action cinema. A bittersweet love story combined with the very strange Siamese twin villain, as well as the fast-paced and edited action scenes certainly makes for a bizarre, mystical and satisfying viewing experience.

This new Blu-ray release has a fabulous image, this restoration has been newly colour graded exclusively by Eureka Entertainment and officially approved by director Ronny Yu. Colours pop and black levels are deep and there is no sign of damage or wear and tear. Audio has the original stereo track, one of the first in this era of HK cinema and it sounds great. You also get a 5.1 remix option, Cantonese or Mandarin language with subtitles or English dubbed. Plenty of extras also which includes –

  • Brand-new feature length audio commentary by Asian film expert Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival)
  • Audio commentary with director Ronny Yu
  • Brand-new interview with director Ronny Yu [41 mins]
  • Brand-new interview with actor Joe Tay [21 mins]
  • Brand-new interview with screenwriter Jason Lam Kee To [56 mins]
  • Brand-new interview with composer Richard Yuen [24 mins]
  • Brand-new interview with editor David Wu [81 mins]
  • Archival making of featurette
  • Limited Edition collectors booklet featuring new writing by James Oliver and Travis Crawford.

A fantastic release of a superb action/fantasy classic.

FILM – 8.5 PICTURE – 9 AUDIO – 9 EXTRAS – 8.5

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